Fireworks have been around for over 2000 years, and in that time we’ve come up with some pretty creative ideas for how to use them in spectacular style. Indoor close proximity fireworks can elevate any celebration, and are a fantastic addition to any party.

There are a number of ways that indoor fireworks of different sizes can be used. We’ve put together some services we offer in order to inspire you for your next event.

Champagne Spectacular

Whether you’re marking a big occasion, or just want to show off in style, a small firework fountain can make a big impression. These can be attached to champagne bottles before they’re opened and make for a spectacular and unique display. Indoor firework fountains have many uses and can be used to decorate and highlight a specific moment in time.

Alternative to Glow Sticks

What’s a party without some glow sticks? And what’s even better than glow sticks? Sparklers. Hand-held sparklers make a fantastic alternative to glow sticks, and are always a great surprise enjoyed by guests and revellers. Easy to use and discard, they are a fuss-free way of invigorating your guests and an easy way to encourage your guests to get involved and participate.

Cake Decorations

Birthdays, anniversaries, new jobs – whatever the reason for a celebratory cake, sparklers and indoor fireworks can add a whole new level of joy to your occasion. Popped on to a cake and lit just before bringing it to the table, they create a huge impression and will give you and your guests a lasting memory. Forget candles – go with fireworks.

Make A Grand Entrance

Your guest of honour deserves the best. Whether that’s you or a friend or colleague, there’s no better way to announce an important person’s arrival than with a bevy of multicoloured, sparkling indoor fireworks. There will be no mistaking them then. Teamed with a great soundtrack, there’s no better way to make a grand entrance that no one will forget in a hurry.

A Magical First Dance

The couple’s first dance at a wedding reception is often one of the most memorable moments of a celebration. Indoor fireworks and pyrotechnics have been used for years to create a magical, fairytale moment that will remain in the hearts and minds of both guests and the new couple for the rest of their lives. Combined with  the use of a smoke machine, these effects can create a magical experience for everyone in attendance.

Concert Pyrotechnics

Live music is about more than just the notes being played – it’s about performance and spectacle and music all wrapped up in to one. By adding fireworks and pyrotechnics to an indoor concert, you can create perfectly timed moments that move your audience and create a lasting impact. Well timed pyrotechnics at a concert can leave your fans in awe, and will create an atmosphere that buzzes with electricity.

Whatever the occasion, a creative use of indoor close proximity fireworks can make for a memorable experience that will make your occasion much more than just an “event.” They will make your occasion a spectacle to behold.