About Spark FX

Professional – Affordable – Unique

We provide professional unique special effects services for events around Sydney. We challenge you to find better value for money when it comes to Wedding Pyrotechnic, event special effects and related requirements. Spark fx’s reputable service is unmatched in its domain.

Our versatility offers customers an abundance of choice to tailor their event needs.

  • Practical Innovation

  • Experience & Expertise

  • Stunning Effects

  • Unforgettable Experience


It all starts off with the idea. Our team of designers craft a one of a kind experience that will give your audience a memorable show they will never forget.


Our team of the best special effect experts in the industry go on to create & test the ideas that is sure to wow your audience.


Execution is key. Our technicians finally execute a safe and mesmerising show for your audience like they’ve never seen before.

Some of the wonderful companies we work with and recommend: