The movies are a place where our imaginations can run riot, and we get to see dazzling displays that take our breath away. While some of these are a little out of the realm of reality, many of the spectacular firework scenes in films can be recreated. Here are some of our favourite movie scenes featuring impressive firework displays.

1. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
So, we can’t create fireworks that turn into dragons and chase your evil headmaster away – but this is by far one of the greatest firework scenes on the big screen. When Hogwarts is at breaking point, the Weasley twins take matters into their own hands and create a display that Harry Potter fans will never forget.

2. Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
Even Ewoks know how to party with fireworks. This brilliant scene has the Ewoks throwing a party in style, using fireworks and firecrackers to light up the sky and celebrate their success. An adorable display. While we can supply the fireworks, we’re running low on adorable fury aliens.

3. Beasts of the Southern Wild
This award-winning film has a stunning scene that is overwhelmingly beautiful. In it, Hushpuppy and several other characters run freely in the darkenss of the Louisiana tidal basin, with sparklers in hand, creating a dazzling display of lights in the darkness. In the background, firecrackers reach up into the sky and pierce the night with their bright colours.

4. V For Vendetta
The daddy of all firework and pyrotechnic scenes, this iconic finale uses a whole lot of firepower, exploding into a breathtaking display that draws the movie to a close. The London skyline is lit up with rockets launching into the air and crackling over the hundreds-strong cast, and it is a scene that will always be remembered for the multicoloured lights and moving moment playing out in the skies.

5. The Great Gatsby
Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby certainly knows how to throw a killer party. The insatiable character knows that the best way to top off an elite, luxurious party is with a display that will leave your guests breathless. The film is worth a watch for the party scenes alone, with revelry and powerful firecrackers the highlight.

6. The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
This fantastic scene within the opening of the Lord of the Rings trilogy became instantly iconic, setting up many of the characters and drawing a picture of life amongst the Hobbits of the Shire. Gandalf impresses all the guests at the Bilbo’s birthday party with an array of dazzling fireworks that the Hobbits are over-awed by. It’s a joyful scene that shows the power of beautiful fireworks to bring people together and put an extra spin on a good party.

7. Mary Poppins
While we would never recommend this use for fireworks, this is a fun scene that made a lasting impression. In it, the Admiral shoots a canon full of fireworks at the Chimney Sweep gang to disperse them while they’re up to their usual antics – dancing and singing on rooftops! As far as we’re concerned, fireworks always add to the party – so we don’t know what he was thinking.