Want to do something original for your wedding? Something that will create a magical ambience while entertaining at the same time? Having a fireworks display at your evening wedding or reception is a sure-fire way to amaze and dazzle your guests, but ensure you go with a professional fireworks event planning company to ensure a safe, well put together display.

There is just something about fireworks, all people, young or old experience the same heady rush and excitement when viewing a display. Harness the beauty and energy of fireworks for your wedding and watch the faces of your guests transform.

Work with your fireworks effects planner to craft a display unique to your wedding, reflecting your tastes and style. Some couples have chosen a low lying fog effect to create a dreamy atmosphere during the bridal waltz, others a stunning aerial send off as they depart at the end of the night; no matter how small or big an idea, fireworks will put that extra special touch to your perfect day.

Try wedding entry fireworks to instantly transport your family and friends into the mood, or dry ice fog in conjunction with twinkling fairy lights to create a sparkling ethereal feel. There are so many exciting and wonderful ways to use fireworks at a wedding, If you can dream it, it can probably be done!

Spark FX not only provides all the services you would expect in a great wedding fireworks planner, but they have a customer service record that is second to none. Couples can enjoy a thorough consultation with an effects designer, finding a beautiful distinctive solution for their wedding. Electronic firing for smooth, seamless transitions and all members of the team dressed professionally to blend in with your guests means no hiccups or interruptions to your ceremony. Not to mention the highest quality fireworks in wedding entertainment.

If you are having a Sydney region or Canberra region wedding, check out Spark FX. You can confidently leave all the permits and liaison hassles with them, as all displays will be carefully organized in line with any regional by-laws or venue rules to avoid any headaches on the day.
Don’t waste your time or money on a substandard display, head to www.eventspyro.com to see the quality range of packages and options available, all fully customisable to suit you.

Your guests will always remember the magic of a finely crafted fireworks display, find out for yourself how Spark FX can help you in making your day unforgettable.